Tying Shoes Wrong

You’re Tying Your Shoes Wrong

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Like so many other people, I discovered one day that I was tying my shoes all wrong. You may think that a tied shoe is a tied shoe so what difference does it make?  It actually makes two big differences.

Knot Security

Featured imageWhen tying shoes the wrong way the end result of the knot is a granny knot (which is how grain sacks were tied and not a reference to grandmothers BTW). Granny knots are less secure than the preferred square knot, so they are more likely to come untied. Often people will double tie knots in athletic shoes to prevent them from becoming untied because they’ve used granny knots. When wearing ribbon shoelaces, that double tying is not attractive, which brings me to the other difference.

Knot AppearanceFeatured imageSo here’s the question. When you tie your shoes, does your bow/knot look like the bow on the left or the right? If indeed you produce the bow on the left, you’re tying your shoes wrong. If you’re the visual type and want to see it done the right way, take a peek at this entertaining video: https://www.ted.com/talks/terry_moore_how_to_tie_your_shoes. If you do better reading your directions, just remember that right over left and left over right (or left over right and right over left would work too!) gives you the secure square knot. Basically if your bows look like the shoe on the left, just switch the way you make your first cross, and keep the second cross the same.

When wearing ribbon shoelaces, proper tying technique is a rather big deal. You’re not getting the best possible looking bow when the whole point of wearing ribbon shoelaces is to make your shoes look as good as possible. You’re also risking having them come untied, and in ribbons such as satin that have a smooth surface, that can be a real problem, or again, just an ugly situation if you solve the problem with a double tied bow.

Happy shoelace shopping! – Ann Louise