Tulle Shoelaces

Black Shoelaces – The Sky’s the Limit

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Basic black shoelaces…we all need them, but do they really need to be so basic? When I first started making shoelaces I was focused on bright colors and crazy prints rather than the black, white and brown colors. As I started to expand and add more basic colors, I realized customers wanted black more than any other color. Who knew?  I do now, so my customers have as many options as I can possibly get my hands on.

Black Shoelaces in Satin, Organza and Grosgrain

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The standard solid ribbons are always satin, organza and grosgrain. I offer my customers satin and grosgrain shoelaces in 4 different widths (1/4″, 3/8″, 5/8″ and 7/8″), and I offer the organza shoelaces in all 4 of those widths plus a 1.5″ width. (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the Ribbon Shoelaces shop.)

Black Shoelace Groups

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Besides the solid satin/organza/grosgrain, I also offer several other styles of ribbon shoelaces with multiple colors to choose from, and of course I always offer the black when available. (Click on the picture above to view these shoelaces at the Ribbon Shoelaces shop.)

But Wait…There’s More!

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Between solids and prints and textures, I just keep curating more ribbons for black ribbon shoelaces for my customers. (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the All About Shoelaces shop.)

Whether you’re replacing a pair of basic black shoelaces or just want to upgrade what you’ve got, black shoelaces are available from subtle to wild. You can always find the perfect pair, and you don’t even have to look that hard. 🙂 – Ann Louise


Tulle Shoelaces – Just for Fun!

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I’m not sure what even made me think about trying to make shoelaces out of tulle, but it works amazingly well. It’s just a fun and frilly fabric! Tulle shoelaces are available at my “Lost in Lace” shop on Etsy as well as “All About Shoelaces” and “Ribbon Shoelaces by The Boutique Project“.

Lots of Color Choices

The 26 color choices offer all kinds of possibilities. It’s such a unique shoelace material that it’s hard to resist going a little over the top with something like Lime Green in your favorite basic sneakers.

Tulle Shoelaces for Everyday

Tulle Shoelaces

Tulle is actually a little sturdier than organza, so it wears better than one might expect for anyone who’s inclined to sport them on a daily basis.

Another Great Use for Tulle

Tulle shoelaces work for all styles of lace up shoes or even as ankle ties to replace straps. Of course they are very popular for weddings, and I undoubtedly see more orders for white and ivory than any other colors, but the other colors gain popularity every day. As a matter of fact, I’m off to fill a couple of tulle shoelace orders right now – one for black and one for peach.

As always, thanks for stopping by!  – Ann Louise