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Lace Shoelaces – For the Frill of It

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It seems I’m always getting requests for shoelaces made of actual lace. They look beautiful in wedding shoes, and they add a frilly look to granny boots, brogues, oxfords, sneakers…actually I think by definition it’s safe to say that lace shoelaces add a frilly look to any pair of shoes.

Wedding Cotton Crochet Shoelaces

Several months ago I went on a search for lace trim that was suitable for shoelaces, and this cotton crochet style in white and ivory was the first I found. I’d actually tried crocheting shoelaces by hand, and while that worked nicely for my own shoes, it was way too time-consuming to try to do the same for my customers. As soon as I  started offering this style, many of my bridal customers opted for these over the popular organza styles. Certainly I make the majority of these shoelaces for wedding shoes. (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the Ribbon Shoelaces shop.)

Lacy Lace Shoelaces

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Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t been successful in searching for more delicate looking lace that could handle the task of lacing up shoes. Finding quality wholesalers in an ongoing challenge, so I was thrilled when my sister-in-law shared one of her favorites that just happened to carry this beautiful nylon lace in white and black. While the black obviously isn’t intended for bridal shoes, it has infinite possibilities with other shoes. I’m excited to hear what my customers have to say about these since I think they might just surpass the crocheted laces in popularity! (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the Lost In Lace shop.)

More Crochet Shoelaces

And that same new wholesaler also offered some crocheted lacing material in a variety of colors rather than white and ivory. Since these are brand new to my offering, I’m starting with a nice brown lace that’s more versatile than the other colors, but I expect as these start to get noticed by my customers, I’ll be back to get all of the other colors too. (Click on the picture above to view these shoelaces at the Lost In Lace shop.)

I don’t think I ever would have pursued lace instead of ribbon without the requests from several customers. One advantage to being a small business owner is the ability to quickly react to customer feedback and meet their needs. These lace shoelaces are a great example of how customers can get what they want simply by asking, and I’m always so glad when they do. 🙂 Ann Louise