Other Uses for Shoelaces

Other Uses for Shoelaces – Hair Ribbons

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My slogan at Lost in Lace™ is “Shoelaces for Everything”, and there are certainly plenty of alternative uses for shoelaces – particularly Ribbon Shoelaces. This month’s topic focuses on my customers’ favorite alternative use which their feedback and my search term results have told me is Hair Ribbons.

At first I wondered why someone wouldn’t just use a regular hair ribbon, and then I started looking around and realized it’s not easy to find even simple hair ribbons. So many of the styles out there are aimed solely at little girls, and it seemed women were forced to get creative with their shoelaces instead.

Admittedly I’ve used shoelaces as hair ribbons rather than searching online for actual hair ribbons, but then again I’ve got LOTS of shoelaces at my house. Personally my favorite use is out on the golf course. You have to tie your ponytail through your cap or visor anyway, so why not add a little ribbon? The biggest reason I love to do that is because I can make matching shoelaces for my golf shoes, and let’s face it, for many of us looking good on the golf course is about all we’ve got going for us when it comes that sport (at least speaking for myself anyway).

1/4″ Red Grosgrain Shoelaces and 7/8″ Red Grosgrain Hair Ribbon

 It didn’t take long for me to figure out I should probably be offering my customers single shoelaces to use as hair ribbons rather than shoelaces, and that’s when I opened Hair Ye! Hair Ye! (http://HairYeHairYe.etsy.com) at Etsy.  Hair Ye! Hair Ye! offers hair ribbons in the same 5/8″ and 7/8″ widths that customers most frequently use to convert shoelaces to hair ribbons, but I decided to add some 1.5″ ribbons as well.

Left to Right: 5/8″ Wide, 7/8″ Wide and 1.5″ Wide Hair Ribbons

Shoelaces make ideal hair ribbons because they look great with all the shoelace tips as seen with the Plastic tips as well as the Dangle tips and Crimp tips shown below. At Hair Ye! Hair Ye! I also decided to add a couple new tip options with Ribbon Ends and Cones, but you can tell from the photos, those tips won’t lace up your shoes. 🙂

Plastic Tips

 Dangle Tips and Crimp Tips

Ribbon Ends and Cones

On a bit of a tangent, I should mention that I’ve solved the problem of self-tying hair ribbons. I usually get a nice bow on my second try, but craning around the mirror watching myself tie an upside-down-and-backwards bow is always a bit challenging. I finally realized if I’d simply tie the bow first and put it on my hair with an alligator clip, I could get a perfect bow every time, and I didn’t even have to untie the bow to remove it, so it was all ready to go for the next time!  Anyway, I had to share that mini brainwave since I’m wearing hair ribbons much more often now after figuring that one out.

Alligator Clips for Hair Bows

Conversing with customers I’ve found it interesting that many women will only get hair ribbons for their little girls, and the rest of us don’t understand why more women don’t wear hair ribbons. Maybe if they weren’t so difficult to find in adult-suitable styles we’d see more of them, so hopefully my Etsy shop will solve that problem for some of us, but of course the shoelace option is always there.

Again, many thanks to my Lost in Lace™ customers who gave me another great idea. – Ann Louise