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At the beginning of each month I like to add a post that doesn’t specifically highlight any shoelaces but rather highlights a related topic. Since I get questions about several different shoelace sites, this month I’d like to provide a little info to addresses these frequent questions.

Ian’s Shoelace Site™

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(Screenshot Copyright Ian W. Fieggen)

My favorite informational shoelace site is Ian’s Shoelace Site, and I’m definitely not alone. Customers often ask if I’ve seen this site, and I am indeed one of its millions of viewers. The site (i.e. Ian) examines every topic imaginable around shoelaces in an almost scientific manner. I’ve personally spent hours redrawing some of his lacing graphics for my own customers’ benefit, and the very first pair of shoelaces I ever made were based upon ideas and suggestions from Ian’s Shoelace Site. In addition to some of the more obvious topics, he covers everything from shoelaces in history to shoelaces in the news. Anyone who enjoys my Lost in Lace blog will surely enjoy Ian’s Shoelace Site, so check it out.

Lost in Lace™

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Another frequently asked question is where I  got the idea for Lost in Lace. I actually started with a jewelry shop on Etsy and added some shoelaces (like the ones I’d made from ideas at Ian’s site) largely to expand my listings, and before I knew it, shoelaces were outselling my jewelry. At that point I decided to open Lost in Lace, so it became my first shoelace shop. Lost in Lace is currently my only shoelace shop on Etsy, and it’s the site where I get to interact with my customers the most.

All About Shoelaces™

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The question I get on All About Shoelaces is why I would start another shoelace shop when I already have one on Etsy. That’s actually easy to explain.

Because Etsy likes to capitalize on the personal aspect of individual shop owners and how we make things by hand, I began hearing from customers who were a little uneasy about doing business in an artsy craftsy venue. They preferred the more professional facade of an independent website. From a selling standpoint, it’s also nice to have an independent site free of additional fees and restrictions. Since I had plenty of website design experience, I decided to create my vision of the optimal online shoelaces site, and my All About Shoelaces customers are simply fantastic.

Ribbon Shoelaces™

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Surely two shoelace site should be enough, right? Ribbon Shoelaces is based on requests from so many customers to see the shoelaces as they would appear laced in shoes rather than focusing on the ribbon itself. It simply suits a different type of customer better than my other two sites, and I love an excuse to design another website. 🙂


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The question I get most frequently about HueLaces these days is “Where the heck did it go?”. HueLaces was created as a wholesale segment because I was receiving frequent requests from small fashion/shoe boutiques for discounts on bulk orders.  I needed to create a linesheet for the shoelaces that made sense to sell in bulk, and I needed a website put all of the information in one spot in a commercial buyer-friendly format rather than communicating with buyers through my retail shops.

With so many orders coming in through my retail sites, it was difficult to keep up with HueLaces’ customers, and I realized I  needed to make the wholesale process easier for myself. I am currently in the middle of recreating my wholesale concept, and admittedly it’s not been at the top of the priority list. HueLaces will eventually be back though.

So what’s next? At this point I’m hoping that any new ideas or frequent requests I get can be accommodated by making minor changes to my existing shoelace shops, so I have no plans at this stage to add to this set. Getting my sites into a mobile-friendly format and getting HueLaces up and running again should keep me from dreaming up any other shoelace site ideas for awhile. Should anyway… -Ann Louise