Denim Shoelaces – A Perfect Fit

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Since I’m always looking for new and interesting ribbons to create shoelaces, it’s no surprise that I couldn’t pass up this fun new denim ribbon.

Choose Your Tip Options

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Just like all of my other ribbon shoelaces, you can choose your favorite tip option. I went with orange plastic on the pair I made for myself since it matches the visible thread stitched on my favorite style of blue jeans.

Just Like Denim

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While this ribbon is made from a more shoelace-friendly material than cotton (polyester), it has that true denim look. There is a faded blue front side with a lighter shade on the back side.

So Cute!

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They are so adorable and easy to lace without the actual frayed edges you’d get if you cut them straight from denim, but they sure look like they have been. At the moment I’m only offering these at my Lost in Lace shop on Etsy, but they’ll make their way out to my other sites sooner than later. 🙂 -Ann Louise