Animal Print Shoelaces – From Classic to Bold

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Animal print patterns range from classic leopard and zebra prints – used often in accessories, clothing and home decor – to the bolder prints and colors meant to stand out and make a definite statement. When used in shoelaces, pretty much anything goes!

Classic Zebra and Leopard

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These Zebra and Leopard patterns have some updated flair in these extra wide organza shoelaces. While we wouldn’t think twice to see such patterns on a purse or a pillow, using these shoelaces to replace an ankle tie in a pair of shoes gives a classic pattern a bold edge. (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the Lost In Lace shop.)

Subtle in Satin

For a classic pattern with a more subtle approach to accessorizing, these 3/8″ satin leopard print shoelaces are the right choice. Paired with any dressy brown shoes, you’ll always look well-appointed. (Click on the picture above to view these shoelaces at the Ribbon Shoelaces shop.)

And Now for Something Bolder

Sometimes you just want to stand out, and the bright colors in these animal print organza and satin laces aren’t going to let you blend in. With some colorful plastic tip options, you can’t miss the mark with these fun shoelaces. (Click on the pictures above to view these shoelaces at the All About Shoelaces shop.)

The bottom line is that we all have some room in our wardrobe from animal prints. Whether you’re the classic type or like to use a little color to express yourself, shoelaces are a great way get those animal prints into your wardrobe for a perfect “pop” of interest.  – Ann Louise